Normal day, met my girlfriend in Ikebukuro, one of the largest "Cities" in Tokyo, a place we often go to hang-out as its about a ten minute walk from my place.

We were meeting at about 12- and then went to go find some lunch,

we went to a a s...mall "omu-rice" joint near "Sunshine-City" One of the biggest parts of Ikebukuro,

nearing the end of our meal it began:

I've felt earthquakes here before- so in the beginning I thought it was just another small one, and I was only mildly excited, but within a few seconds- I knew it was much more than I'd ever felt...

The whole place was shaking, and everybody was either staring blankly or standing up from their seats- I called out in English: "Everybody under the tables!!!" and the girl behind the counter screamed it back to everyone, within seconds everyone is under the tables and counter - only later did I notice my ehad was bleeding from hitting it against the counter.

My girlfriend was under me, shaking in fear,

it was terrifying,

everyone dead quiet and the only sound was the windows clattering and kitchen appliances ringing-

after a while of pretty strong shaking, when it was more calm but still vibrating a bit, we decided to leave the place- I was only thinking one thing: "we have got to get the hell out of Ikebukuro"

as we left the restaurant we looked back and saw a skyscraper literally wavering from side to side like Jello,

everyone was walking or running away from it- and someone actually screamed: "Its going to fall!!!"

at that point people were getting so scared and walking away in a hurry, the streets were packed with people, everyone had left their buildings - office workers, students, "maids" - everyone was on their cellphones in the street.

Barely out of Ikebukuro a few minutes later there was the next shock, we were in a much safer place and went near a wall near a smaller building,

we wrapped our scarves around our heads in a vain attempt to protect ourselves-

we made it home, and thats where we've been hiding out till then, every few minutes there is a smaller tremor, minor... but ominous...

our phones cant send or receive calls, nor texts-

and my girlfriend is worried about her family in other regions of Japan that were hit more powerfully-

we are fine, excited and emotional, and hope everyone else will be fine.

Phil Mc

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