Eerder schreef ik, naar aanleiding van mijn reportages die ik heb gemaakt over de aids wezen problematiek in Swaziland, een stukje op internet over het young heroes project. Nu blijkt dat een aantal mensen in Nederland daadwerkelijk het project ondersteunen. Vanochtend kreeg ik deze mail.....

Dear Ms. van den Heuvel:

In the last week, our orphan-support program, Young Heroes, suddenly started receiving commitments from the Netherlands, which we found somewhat unexpected. On investigation, I was very surprised and deeply gratified to find your report about Swaziland's orphans on "EenVandaag." Having extensive knowledge of the country, I want to congratulate you on how accurate and insightful your reporting was.

I was surprised because Swaziland gets so little attention, despite the terrible toll that HIV/AIDS is taking on the country. I was gratified because, as the president of Young Heroes Foundation, I have seen immediate results from your report.

Young Heroes is the only orphan-sponsorship program that works on a national level in Swaziland. As we approach our second anniversary next month, we now directly support almost 650 orphans with monthly stipends for food, clothing and other necessities. Since our assistance is delivered to the family level, there are nearly 200 other children in our sponsored families who also benefit. Because we are supported by Swaziland's national AIDS council, NERCHA, 100% of the funds we receive from donors goes directly to the orphans.

In just the five days since your report aired, 10 new sponsors from the Netherlands have signed up to help our children. What has impressed and moved me the most is that, since Young Heroes was not mentioned on the program, these good people went to the trouble of finding us on the Internet ( and registering.

If you'd like any more information on our organization, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

In the mean time, please accept my thanks once again. Because of your work in highlighting Swaziland's orphan problem, already ten children will be assured that their basic needs will be taken care of for the entire year ahead.


Steve Kallaugher


Young Heroes Foundation